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I would like to depart a bit from the typical entry you’ve seen so far on the Home Trust Mortgages Blog to announce that Capital Finance International (CFI.co) recently bestowed upon Home Trust the title Best Mortgage Solutions Provider Canada. While not as well known on this side of the Atlantic perhaps, CFI.co is a UK-based financial publication that attracts commentaries and opinions from some heavy-hitters in global financial circles.

For instance, the most recent edition contains articles from such financial luminaries as Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at the Stern School of Business at NYU, Evan Harvey, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Nasdaq, and Otaviano Canuto, an Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund.

CFI.co searches out for recognition industry-leading firms in important sectors with an emphasis on those areas that have the greatest impact on the global economy. Recent award winners include UBS, HSBC, and Ernst & Young. CFI.com is particularly eager to recognize firms that not only exhibit industry expertise, but those that are also willing to embrace new, innovative ways to conduct their operations more efficiently.

In fact, CFI.co made special mention of Home Trust’s use of technology, together with our adherence to strong risk management, as being largely responsible for securing this award and at the risk of tooting our horn just a little too much, I believe this further validates the investments Home Trust has made over the past 18 months to realign our teams and improve our processes. You can read the full comments from the CFI.co judging panel by clicking this link.


This post is intended for informational purposes only and is not to be considered financial advice.

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